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International Internships Buenos Aires, Argentina

 Testimonials of Globalearn Internships and Sample Projects
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I am a dual major in Industrial engineering and International business. Globalearn’s program gave me the opportunity to be placed in an international medical device company headquartered in Buenos Aires. I was able to review the process of design and manufacturing of these devices. I experienced the issues that a company faces with import/export of material and devices. Although I will receive my university Degree, I got my real-world education the summer I spent with Globalearn in Buenos Aires. The cultural experience of living in a new country and networking was a plus. I also like to cook as a hobby and look forward to the fresh new foods and dishes I will share with friends and family on my return.

My major is fashion design with goals of one day having my own label. Globalearn was able to place me with an entrepreneurial design mentor in a local fashion house in Buenos Aires. This gave me the opportunity to not only use my design skills but to get an understanding of the business side of fashion. I was given the opportunity to experience marketing, import-export issues, textiles as well as a new culture and networking for life. Simply, for 8 weeks I was able to live my dream!. 

My Student teaching experience was fantastic. From day one teaching 5th grade math, would do this is again in a heartbeat. Being in a foreign country for the first time, I always felt safe and that my Globalearn mentor would check in every day just to see all was going well. I would recommend Globalearn and do this again. The school had a party so that the 5th and 6th grader could talk with us and ask questions about the USA and share Argentinean culture with us. I got to learn about “El Raton Perez” the equivalent to the tooth fairy. I would recommend this program to all educators K-12 for all subjects. You can teach all subjects and grades in English. If you are fluent in Spanish you may also teach classes in Spanish.

My Internship gave me something the university missed. How do I use these tools in the real world and turn this knowledge into a high paying career? How do I get to experience and exposure to current practices while networking with established professionals for my future in a short amount of time. Globalearn gives me that opportunities.

I am a major is FILM production. I worked at a local Museum Institute. This internship gave me a wonderful opportunity for me to see different aspects of video production at a small film production company. Since it was a small group from the museum doing the documentary I was able to wear many hats. From pre and post-production to actually helping set up cameras and be a part of the daily reviews. All in all, I really appreciated the mentor and referrals to other production work after my internship was finished. Great group of people to work with!"

Even though I did not have very much experience in Marketing the people at Globalearn were willing to give me chance to get some hand on experience. The internship program has given me an invaluable learning experience I would not have received in the classroom alone. The professionalism that Globalearn has shown me is like no other place with. Everybody I worked with was courteous, friendly, and always willing to help me out when I needed I needed help. My Internship has been the best hands-on learning experience I been thought

As part of my practical teaching experience requirement, I went to Buenos Aires with the Globalearn program. I was placed in a bilingual school where I taught the 3rd grade. I am not fluent in Spanish but that never was an issue. My mentor was great and I can not say enough about the students. As an American I was treated I was treated like a rock star. The students had such an interest in talking with me and using their English. There was another student teacher form my university who was teaching the 5th-grade math at the same school and had the same great experience.

Examples of Business Student Internships
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marketing / Branding
Software Development Company.
The student’s project was to develop a new branding message for the software development company. The company was traditionally working within Argentina. Now they have grown and now had clients in South America as well as the United States. The intern worked closely with management to understand the goals of this newly expanded company. The student made the new logo, helped design their new website, and created new brochures designs for the company with their new message and identity.

Health Club /Day Spa

Student’s project was to help brand and market the Health Club/Day Spa to tourist for both Spanish and English speaking. The successful Day Spa located in Palermo Hollywood is known by locals as the place where Argentina’s models and movie stars often frequented. The company wanted to try to reach a new clientele of the tourist or short-term visitor to Palermo. Student helped with the design of brochures and messaging. The student also looked into social media and how to promote this service to visitors.

Medical Device Manufacturer
Student internship was to be part of the sales team. As part of the sales team, the students researched the expansion of sales into new countries, located potential distributors in these countries, and contacted them to set up a possible business relationship. They organized templates and created a new process to for these new connections to be stored/reviewed and develop into new clients.

Industrial Engineering
Business Process Improvement
Student intern project was to work with Manufacturing, Sales and Administration groups to make suggestions of process improvement to streamline JIT manufacturing process while looking at potential bottlenecks which could be lessen or eliminated.

International Business

The Student’s main tasks were doing market research, distributor management, campaign development, and working on a presentation to be utilized in the campaigns. The market research entailed researching and organizing information about current and potential international aesthetic equipment distributors as well as noting observations on advertising strategies of the competition. The distribution management entailed finding potential distributors in new countries, communicating with said distributors, and closing distributor agreements. Students’ commented they really enjoyed dealing with the campaigns where they helped to organize expectations of what the distributors should be doing and provide discounts on our products based on specific guidelines

Business Consulting

The student intern’s project was working with an analyst from a software development company. Student went on site to businesses which were developing software for process improvement. The student worked with the analyst to understand the business workflow and how with software development these processes could be improved.

Student internship in accounting was to help understand the regulations required to open office in the United States. This was to review regulations to open and maintain a business and the minimum investment which would be required for this project.


Student worked closely with an accounting team of an import/exporter. They were also requested to research accounting regulations which may apply to them in new countries and what effect this may have on accounting principles of doing business in that country.

Entrepreneurial Experience

Fashion House
Internship with a small international fashion house student was exposed to the full process of business. With a small international fashion house you must follow all the regulations of the “Big Companies” but must figure out how to “wear many hats” to accomplish this. From Sales, design, import/export, marketing, communications, manufacturing, inventory.

Internships within banking organizations. The student internship was within credit department .Working with the team to assure Argentina regulations were being maintained

Alternative Energy
An internship with an NGO organization for research on alternative energy. The research information will be used by lobbyist to present to the government to promote the use of alternative energy in Argentina.