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International Internships Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Student Teaching pK-12 Bilingual Schools

(Education Majors)

 New Programs* Comparative STEM K-12 Teaching

(All Level Educators)

Teaching Field Experience pK-12

 and Cultural Immersion (All Majors)

(No Spanish Required)

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Student Teaching K-12 Bilingual Schools

Student Teaching pre-service (Education Majors)-The unique experience of teaching in a bilingual school is that NO Spanish is required to be accepted into the program. You will be fully exposed to a new culture and will be teaching your subjects of expertise such as (Math, Science, Literature) and grade/age level (K-12) in English to your students. If you are fluent in Spanish you may also have the opportunity to teach in Spanish if this is a goal.

Our schools employ the latest technologies and teaching techniques to give you an experience which you will value in your career.

There are numerous benefits to joining a student teaching internship in Buenos Aires Argentina. Two of the most important is the classroom teaching experience and a chance to work under experienced teachers who act as your mentors. In addition, you will have opportunities to see how a school operates, get feedback on your teaching skills, and learn how to discipline, attend teacher meetings, and serve as part of an educational team. As you will be living in Buenos Aires, Argentina the cultural opportunity is one which you will value and put you ahead of your peers when you return home and develop your career as an educator.

As a student teacher intern, you will be expected to fulfill a variety of assignments. You will teach different subjects in a self-contained classroom or concentrate on an area of specialization such as Literature, History, Geography, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Technology and French as a third language. The duration of intern teaching is typically an 8- week program. The duration of student teaching internships, as well as start dates, can be customized to meet your university requirements for student teaching.

These schools are located on a beautiful campus in Buenos Aires. These are some of the most prestigious co-ed bilingual schools in Argentina where the use of a wide variety of new technologies and technological resources maintains this school to its high standards. We find that students will find this valuable experience both before and after their normal student teaching assignment at their universities.

*Teaching Field Experience and Cultural Immersion (All Majors) NO Spanish required

This 4 or 8-week  program is designed for pre-service teaching (little or no classroom experience and students of all majors (STEM, Liberal Arts, Psychology as well as education majors) undecided about teaching as a career or getting a head start with hands-on experience. This 4 or 8-week program would give you the chance to observe and teach the age, grade, and subjects of your interest in English in our K-12 Bilingual schools as well as the cultural experience of living in Argentina while obtaining valuable field experience. We have several K-12 Bilingual schools centrally located in Buenos Aires for this program, students will have the opportunity to visit, observe and teach in several schools.

*Comparative Teaching of STEM subjects K-12 and other areas.

Comparative Teaching STEM and other areas- This program is ideal for STEM education students with previous classroom experience or has completed a study aboard. Also, STEM majors which may also see teaching as a possible career path. The program under their mentor will let you teach and understand the role that culture play in K-12 education. You will be able to teach and understand as different cultures may view problems from different points of views, unique cultural teaching methods may be used. This program is also ideal for graduate students looking to bolster their CV with international experience. Comparative teaching is an important part of educator training as STEM teaching and technologies evolve.  (more Information here)

With Argentina located in the Southern Hemisphere classes, K-12 is in full session during the US summer break. NO Spanish required.

Qualification: Enrolled in University or recent graduate
Good written and spoken English

The Globalearn's internship programs run year round and can customize start dates and length of internships to meet all your requirements