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International Internships Buenos Aires, Argentina

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International Business Internships Buenos Aires

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Specializes in International Business Majors

Dr. Barbara Ribbens
International Business Institute
College of Business
Illinois State University
Campus Box 5580
Normal, Illinois 61790-5580
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Entrepreneurial Opportunities Available

Our Mission is to obtain you an internship in an Argentinean international business where you are able to use your expertise of your major.

Spanish is NOT a requirement for acceptance to program
Students with no or little Spanish will be matched with an English speaking mentor.

Marketing/Business/Accounting and Entrepreneurial internships are available in Buenos Aires Argentina for our 8 weeks summer program. The projects and companies are matched to your skills, goals and expectations. These companies may be local companies, or international companies with Argentinean office locations. We will match you with your expertise and goals to advance or learn new skills.
Your internship will expose you to processes and best practices of working with teams with exciting and challenging projects. University credit is available with most US universities.

Globalearn will expose you to world class projects and make you aware of current project management methodologies and processes. This international experience will open your mind as well as doors when you return back to your home countries.
We believe the educational experience in working on real world project in a new culture can grow your skills as well as your problem solving techniques while also being exposed to international experience. The cultural experience of working abroad with a team of local professionals is an experience that you will maintain with you for life.
Internships domains: Fashion, Import/Export, Medical Devices, Consulting, Alternative Energy and other areas… Entrepreneurial opportunities also available

We believe the educational eexperience in working with real world projects with teams give you the edge you require when you return home. This opportunity of living in and learning a new culture can only be obtained by working on real world projects with teams. The cultural experience of working abroad with a team of local professionals is an experience that you will maintain with you for life.

The Globalearn's internship programs run year round and can customize start dates and length of internships to meet all your requirments